Jump blocking websites at work

Have they blocked access to websites at work? You can not live without checking your hotmail or check your hi5? Are you convinced that the company pays you to browse and surf the internet looking at pictures? Are you dying to see the FaceBook of that girl you like so much? Well, wait no more! Now I get this list of proxies to bypass the security of the computer network that have implemented boring. If you do not mind risking a penalty, wakeup call and you slide the policies of the company and the firm that estampaste in your contract, use the list below I show you. With these you can bypass network restrictions regarding the opening of the website.

But all this, What is a proxy? As I’m sure you’re in a hurry to go to see your hi5, we go by the short route. Basically a proxy is an intermediary between your PC and the web requested, ie you agree to that site, not from your PC, but from the web that you use as proxy. If you are more curious you can visit this website for more technical details on a proxy.

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