5 Best Water Filter Jugs

Water is the essential source for every human to survive in this universe. While the convenience and the portability of bottled water may be impressive, practically it is not sufficient, a huge range of plastic gets wasted, and it is importantly very costly. Also, the bottled water is not fully pure and contains some minor impurities within it. Hence, the right option to execute is the utilization of water filter.

A water filter is a device that performs the removal operations of impurities present in the water. While there are an array of various strategies and sorts of filters, the point of utilizing filters are most applicable when talking about an individual and at-home water filtration. Water filter jugs can be bought either online or from retail shops and for the quality products, individuals should once try the WSE portal, which provides all the required information regarding different products and you can get cost effective water filters here. Hence, let’s see the 5 best water filter jugs below.


Marella XL

According to the testing survey, it has been given the topmost position in the list of the quality water filter jugs. This is because of its capacity of 3.5l and nifty electronic countdown reminder for cartridge update. The experts liked the low set filter which shows that they could half fill the jug and leave it to trickle rather than topping up in a slow manner. The filter is available in various different colors.

Black and Bum Eau Carafe

Among the water filter jugs, the only jug made up of glass container is Black and Bum Eau Carafe. This is an amazing container which will look gorgeous on your dining table. It utilizes herbal binchotan charcoal to purify the water. The working speed of this jug is excellent and it can purify your water in a short time span of 8 to 10 minutes separating out all the impurities.

Bobble water jug

Bobble water jug is another best water filtering jug that allows you to set a date. The filter consumes around 2 liters of water at a time and assures you to give the best results. It is made up of brittle and solid body which is of very high quality. The device comes at very affordable rates.

Aqua Optima

The specialty of this water filter jug is its digital indicator; the operation of this indicator is to inform you when the time levels up to change the filter and this filter perfectly fits within the fridge door. It consumes 1.4 liters of water. The regulatory system of this filter allows the important minerals like magnesium and calcium to retain in the water and of course you will get the water with best taste.


Stelton water filter jug is a beautifully designed jug which can withhold the total capacity of 2 liters water within it at a time. It takes no time to filter the water and provide you with the end results that are superb. The quality of the apparatus is very fine and you will never face any kind of issues.

Thus, you can choose the best jug according to your filtering needs.

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